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At his Medford, OR practice, Dr. John Linstrom uses a state-of-the-art dental microscope for more precise and conservative treatment.

What makes microscope dentistry so unique?

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    An Advanced Approach

    One of Dr. Linstrom's greatest aids in enabling patients to keep their teeth their whole lives is his application of microscope enhanced dentistry. Where historically dentistry has been end-stage or symptom-based (when it may be too late to save a tooth), the microscope can be the key to preventive based dentistry, helping Dr. Linstrom to identify a problem before the patient experiences discomfort or runs out of options.

    Dr. Linstrom graduated from top-ranked University of California, Los Angeles, School of Dentistry in 1998. In dental school, Dr. Linstrom saw the microscope being adopted by the Department of Endodontics (root canal treatment) at UCLA School of Dentistry, and recalls, "I realized the tremendous potential for the microscope in general dentistry, as well, to improve upon accuracy in diagnosis and treatment." Dr. Linstrom was invited to return to his alma mater—the UCLA School of Dentistry—to lecture on his application of microscope enhanced dentistry in a general dentistry practice.

    Though most dentists use some form of magnification for their work, usually 2.5x – 3.5x power loupes, the microscope is an advanced tool that requires additional training, but can provide magnification up to 25x power. This offers the best means for achieving complete visual information which helps Dr. Linstrom to create more precise, more healthful, and more esthetically pleasing dentistry for his patients.

    With microscope enhanced dentistry, there is complete transparency and patients can observe everything he does on an overhead monitor. Dr. Linstrom's patients are amazed and say they have never seen anything close to this technology!

    New patients to the practice, missing a tooth, often have told Dr. Linstrom that they wish the problem had been detected sooner so that they could have saved the tooth.

    Using high-resolution 4K cameras, directly mounted on his microscopes, gives the patient the option to see everything he sees on an overhead monitor, in real time. This provides complete transparency to the patient from diagnosis through treatment, allowing Dr. Linstrom's patients and their family members to become integral partners in their own oral health care.

    Dr. Linstrom says patients often say two things to him when given the option to view their teeth for the first time. First: “I don’t want to watch.” Then, five minutes later: “Could you move your hand? I can’t see the monitor?”

    Fluorescence Technology to Detect Decay Accurately

    In addition to Dr. Linstrom's use of microscope enhanced dentistry, he uses imaging fluorescence technology.

    Dr. John R. Linstrom uses imaging fluorescence technology that allows him to detect irreversible decay in the grooves and on the surfaces of teeth in its early stages. This decay can otherwise be missed by the eyes, the dental explorer (by poking), or by x-rays.

    Using the device, light travels through the outer layer of the tooth, or enamel, and excites the dentin, or the inner living portion of the tooth, which in reaction, reflects a light signal named fluorescence. Detecting irreversible decay early allows Dr. Linstrom to provide you with a minimally invasive procedure, often with less time, expense, and discomfort than if the decay had progressed causing a larger, deeper cavity in the tooth.

    Microscope-Enhanced Dentistry because details matter

    Read more in-depth on this specialized high-tech scope.

    Revolutionizes Early Diagnosis

    Patient Testimonials

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    Microscope Dentistry Is Simply More Effective THAN TRADITIONAL METHODS

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    Greater Precision

    Dr. Linstrom's advanced microscope simply provides a better view of your teeth and gums. The increased magnification means he can offer more precise and effective dental treatments.

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    More Transparent Treatment

    In each operatory, a microscope-mounted camera allows the patient and staff to see the same incredible view the doctor sees–live–in 4K video quality. This shared live view creates complete transparency, a true quantum leap beyond the traditional intra-oral camera.

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    Prioritizing Prevention

    In Dr. Linstrom's opinion, the microscope is the key to effective preventive dentistry. He can identify irreversible issues before you experience discomfort or require extensive restorative treatments for a healthier smile.

    Let’s explore what microscope-enhanced dentistry looks like…

    Take a look at a diode laser in action…


    Magnification is a crucial tool in any dentist's practice. Many doctors will use loupes, which are small magnification devices typically placed over a set of glasses. While loupes can be helpful, they do not offer the same level of resolution available with a dental microscope.

    This technology provides 24 times more visual information than dental loupes while maintaining depth of field, similar to a 3-D TV. Because hand-eye coordination is limited by your vision, using a microscope allows Dr. Linstrom to use smaller dental instruments to create more precise, more conservative, and more beautiful restorations for you. 

    Dentist looking into microscope

    “Once I got the microscope, the difference in my ability to accurately diagnose and treat patients was like night and day. It was like turning the lights on in a room rather than feeling around. It was immediately clear to me that the more magnification, the more accurate I could be.”

    - Dr. Linstrom

    Our Equipment Provides OVER 24X THE STRENGTH OF LOUPES

    Dentist looking into microscope
    Dentist looking into microscope

    Dental Loupes vs. Dental Microscope SEE THE DIFFERENCE BELOW:

    Penny under microscope

    Magnification with traditional dental loupes enlarges the treatment area 3x (left), whereas a microscope can achieve 12x magnification (center) and even 24x (right).

    What role does a dental microscope play in your treatment?

    Microscopes Improve EVERY ASPECT OF DENTAL CARE

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    Dr. Linstrom can use a dental microscope during your biannual consultation to identify areas that could become problematic in the future and recommend a preventative treatment.

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    We integrate our magnification technology into each type of procedure at our Medford practice to ensure optimal accuracy.

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    A dental microscope can also play a large role in your follow-up treatments. Dr. Linstrom can use this device to evaluate healing and confirm your procedure was effective.

    Watch a dental microscope in action…

    When we use a microscope, all types of patients can benefit…

    Advanced Magnification Can Even Make ROOT CANAL TREATMENT MORE EFFECTIVE

    When Performed by a Skilled Professional, LASER DENTISTRY HAS HIGH SUCCESS RATES

    Diode laser stat

    *According to the Australian Endodontic Journal

    See how a microscope looks compared to traditional tools…