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SOPROLIFE® Fluorescence Decay DetectorMedford, OR

SOPROLIFE® is a revolutionary fluorescence dental oral wand for the diagnosis and treatment aid of caries, referred to as decay.

By making use of the auto fluorescence of dentine, SOPROLIFE® allows the detection of decay, often missed by X-rays, or even intraoral cameras that only see the outer layer of the tooth. This revolutionary method allows Dr. Linstrom to see the inner layer to detect if there is decay hidden from the outer layer even in its earliest stages. SOPROLIFE® differentiates healthy from infected gum tissue in order to excavate only the tissue which is diseased.

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    Fluorescence Technology to Detect Decay Accurately

    In addition to Dr. Linstrom's use of microscope-enhanced dentistry, he uses imaging fluorescence technology.

    Dr. John R. Linstrom uses imaging fluorescence technology that allows him to detect irreversible decay in the grooves and on the surfaces of teeth in its early stages. This decay can otherwise be missed by the eyes, the dental explorer (by poking), or by X-rays.

    Using the device, light travels through the outer layer of the tooth, or enamel, and excites the dentin, or the inner living portion of the tooth, which in reaction, reflects a light signal named fluorescence. Detecting irreversible decay early allows Dr. Linstrom to provide you with a minimally invasive procedure, often with less time, expense, and discomfort than if the decay had progressed causing a larger, deeper cavity in the tooth.

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